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Critical factors that make the Canadian iGaming market expanding today

iGaming market expanding today

Critical factors that make the Canadian iGaming market expanding today

Why does the Canadian iGaming market expand? See what makes the casino growth of revenues and players in Canada.

The financial reports from the first two quarters of the 2020th year might be very concerning for the majority of the business companies within Canada, but casino rooms cannot complain about such a thing. Actually, it’s not the Canadian betting houses that have become richer for the last couple of months. As a matter of fact, you will not be able to find a legal online Canadian casino. Canada doesn’t allow any local gambling websites. It allows the locals to play only in offshore online gambling platforms. How the heck then the Canadian iGaming market has expanded for the last couple of months?

Has Covid-19 crisis actually affected the local gambling market?

Like most countries Canada had a certain closing moment for the local ground casinos. The re-opening process, though, was not very promising at all. Actually, playing casino games in Canada right now is like a living nightmare. The ground casinos don’t work 24/7 anymore, while some of the table games are corrupted. The social distance principles evoked by the authorities make it impossible to feel the game as we used to.

However, Canadian gamblers don’t matter. To be more specific, visitors in Canada don’t matter. Why are they ok with all those Covid-19 measures that affect the authentic casino experience? Because it is worth it! Do you know why? Because when you are not tax charged for any prize you win in a casino, disinfecting your hands before and after you leave, as well as wearing a mask is not a problem at all. Yes, offline casinos don’t have any fees.

Are the locals getting addicted to gambling?

We would not say addiction. Canadians are very reasonable people. Then, can such a reasonable guy prefer to have a gambling hobby rather than doing physical exercise? Well, as a matter of fact, yes he can. Canadians are typical for their two-side natures. They work hard and they play hard. When it comes to entertainment they are ready to jump in. And since the local government allowed offshore casinos in the Canadian iGaming market, the abroad companies have hurried up to conquer another, almost virgin market. So we would say that by all means, Canadians love playing casino games and once we see some more clarity in the sport betting regulation in this country, we would say the bookmakers’ revenues will also increase dramatically fast.

Can an online casino operator contribute to the local economy?

Yes, there’s such a small, but hence an existing chance. The thing is that in Canada not all local casinos have been banned. If the gambling company is located and registered in Kahnawake, it will be considered as a legal one. This is where, by the way, located one of the local commission that takes care of the audience’s safety while playing casino games in any real money gaming website. Speaking of which, since the appearance of Kahnawake Gaming Commission the local players started feeling more safe and secured. And that’s factor affecting the expansion of the Canadian iGaming market.