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Rules of Playing Poker Game

Rules of Playing Poker Game

In the poker standard deck of the 52 cards is used with jokers. Normally poker is the game played with the one deck, but to rush the game nowadays, they use 2 decks.  To deal with the double-deck its previous dealer collects the card from the packet and then shuffles them, place it on the left. We should repeat a similar process from the next. A player needs to understand the value of poker hands. The principle of betting will help the player bet in the poker game.  These are the poker hands according to the ranking in the game.

  • Five of a kind, e.g. 23456
  • Straight flush e.g.56789
  • Four of a Kind, e.g. 3333K
  • Full house e.g. JJJKK
  • Flush, e.g. 2459K
  • One Pair e.g. 3QK1010
  • Two pair e.g.499KK
  • No Pair, e.g.
  • Straight, e.g. A2345
  • Royal Flush e.g.10JQKA

Every variation of the poker has its different set of rules to run the game and assurance to smooth operation of the game.


Betting is very important for the game. Betting and choosing the correct hands will lead you towards the win. Hence, here your decision-making skills play a vital role. The first input of each player is called the ante. At every internal player will bet chips by either raising or by putting the same amount of the chips on the table, you can fold your bet also as per your choice and decision-making ability. It is very important to know when you should bet and what should be no of chips you will bet on.


The ranking of the hands is total maths. For example, if a player will not wait for a deal of straight flush in more than one among 80,000 cards, but they can expect being dealt with pair of two roughly one in every 32 hands. Use your brain rather than bluffing in the game and waiting for a correct deal. Here is the list of the thing one should know about before playing poker such as chips, betting limits, banker, fixed limit, table stakes, pot limit, whangdoodle, or poverty poker, roodles, wild cards (joker, bug, one-eyed cards, and low hole card), laws and ethics which will help you understand the game and win more.