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Where’s the catch in the no deposit bonuses?

catch in the no deposit bonuses

Where’s the catch in the no deposit bonuses?

Find out if there’s something catchy about no deposit casino bonuses. Learn why companies offer them and how punters react on such promotions.

Have you ever come upon on a no deposit casino bonus? What did you do with it and what’s more important for us in this material, how did you react when got offered with a gift without depositing anything in a gambling website?

A study regarding this casino special offer ended up with the conclusion that 54% of the punters these days find it catchy. Some of the players that participated in the research, even explained why they think a bonus like that is nothing else, but a way for the company to cheat them. There were even punters who tried to elucidate the way a betting company can deceive a novice in the field by offering him a no deposit bonus. According to them, this promotion is nothing, but forcing the punters to play more in a website that’s either of a low quality, or brand new with no active audience.

Is it so? Do you agree with these statements? Before answering us, let us make a dissection of the no deposit bonus. This is the only logical and reasonable way to try to find a catch in it, if there’s one at all.

What’s the deal with the no deposit bonus?

The no deposit bonus is a special offer from a gambling company. Usually, it’s an amount of money the casino offers the player for a start after a complete registration. Hypothetically, there might be other no deposit casino bonuses – like free spins or promotions that are offered to the existing customers based on their activity in the platform. All of these, though, are similar with one certain factor – you get a gift that’s not related with any risky investments.

But this isn’t the only difference between the deposit and the no deposit bonuses. There’s something else, which is usually understood as a catch by the punters. If you have a deposit bonus, you are usually eligible to make a withdrawal of your winnings after playing the bonus amount up to 20 times. If you are granted with no deposit casino bonus, these times are more – at least 20. The players usually get pissed off such a requirement and react emotionally. They are angry for not receiving the right to make a sooner withdrawal. And they start blaming the company for being a fraud and you name it. But these mad punters forget something very important, guys. Conveniently, while calling the casino names, they have forgotten the fact that they did not risk anything, but hence, made some profits, right.

So the only catch can talk about is mostly for the company that might face. But a casino is an entire business unity and being such it needs some guarantees. It should protect its budget. This is why the betting companies ask you to play more times, times, you will play with or without the no deposit bonus, right?